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Complete the questions below and click SUBMIT (Step 1 of 2). Within a few hours, you will receive an email with a link to our system to complete the second step of the registration process (Step 2 of 2). Once you complete that, we’ll soon be in touch to schedule.

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive an email from us within 24 hours, please check your spam/junkmail folder.

Otherwise, please call us at (561) 295-4248 or email us at to check status or for technical support.


From our Q+A page:

Does my spouse need to attend the initial appointment?

While it is preferred that both parents attend our first session, we can certainly get started with just one parent!


The following questions help us gauge the appropriateness of our services for your concerns. Answering these questions does not yet establish you or your child as a client.

Is the prospective client or a family member a current or previous client of Dr. McGinnis? *
Prospective Client's Name *
Prospective Client's Name
If a family, the identified client is a child. If a couple without children, the person completing this form is the identified client.
Prospective Client's Date of Birth *
Prospective Client's Date of Birth
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Responsible Party's Name
This person accepts full financial responsibility for services.
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Your Phone Number
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Prospective Client's Home Address
Insurance Information *
What is the primary language spoken in the home? *
For example, the physician's name, or how you found out about McGinnis Behavioral.
Are you interested in office visits or telehealth? *
Telehealth refers to services delivered via secure, HIPAA- and HITECH-compatible teleconferencing using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. McGinnis Behavioral offers this option for your convenience!
Is the prospective client currently being seen by a psychiatrist? *
Is the prospective client currently taking medication? *
Is the prospective client currently being seen by another therapist? *
If so, does that therapist know about, and agree, with your decision to seek these services? *
Is the prospective client diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder? *
Is there a history of suicide attempts? *
Is the prospective client using illicit drugs or abusing prescription drugs? *
Is the prospective client exhibiting an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia? *
Is your family in the midst of divorce? *
Is there currently a protective/restraining order in place against anyone in the family? *
If for a child, do all legal guardians believe McGinnis Behavioral represents the best next step? *
Please include specific concerns you have.
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