McGinnis Behavioral
Making Strong Families Stronger


To a different kind of psychology.


Serving families across Florida via office visits and secure telehealth.


Geared to serve the needs of busy families, McGinnis Behavioral offers personalized service, innovative science-based care, and insistence on family involvement. 

Our particular brand of behavioral health is quite rare. We offer primary care behavioral pediatric psychology, which is all about solving everyday problems in the everyday life of strong families who want to be stronger. And often in much less time than you'd think.

Parents and professionals seek our help with the following concerns, among others:



Oppositional and defiant behavior

Anger and irritability

gaming/device addiction

Morning and bedtime routines

Sleep problems

Anxiety and worry

Fears and phobias

Selective mutism



Peer and sibling conflict


Mild autism spectrum disorders

Academic underachievement

Homework routine

School avoidance

Habits and tics

Picky eating and mealtimes

Bedwetting (enuresis)

Soiling (encopresis)

Emotional adjustment

Nanny/Sitter Training


For those who come to our office location in Jupiter, Florida, we also offer the following testing services:


Learning difficulties and disabilities

Gifted eligibility

Homeschooling progress

 Our office within Jupiter's Three Palms Center

Our office within Jupiter's Three Palms Center

Dr. McGinnis has made it his life's work to develop and offer a systematized yet flexibly tailored approach that profoundly improves effectiveness, efficiency, and durability of treatment while reducing the overall cost to families. While individual counseling may be included, it features collaborative, short-term, solution-focused coaching for parents rather than secretive long-term counseling for children. Parents are seen as their children’s best therapists and are given the tools they need to bring about the changes they seek. 

The approach is positive, supportive, and empowering.

Distance and busy schedules can make it difficult for families to access needed services. McGinnis Behavioral helps families overcome these challenges by offering the convenience of telehealth (videoconferencing using your computer, tablet, or smartphone using a secure platform consistent with HIPAA and HITECH requirements). Families across Florida, Delaware, and elsewhere may attend their appointments online, right on their smartphone, and receive ongoing support in between appointments. And if you have Cigna insurance, Cigna will very likely cover your telehealth appointments like an in-person appointment.


Improved family life is just a few steps away.


➤ Location

Three Palms Center
2141 S. Alternate A1A, Suite 330
Jupiter, Florida 33477


McGinnis Behavioral is a small family business owned and operated by Jupiter residents Dr. Chris McGinnis and his wife of over 20 years, Teresa. 

They think of their daily work as “their family, here for yours.” And for a few reasons, the McGinnis family knows a thing or two about how important appropriate educational and therapeutic planning can be.

 Photo by Cori Calkins