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Tips for Reducing Costs


There are a number of ways you may reduce overall cost for your family.


Using Insurance


Dr. McGinnis is a participating provider with Cigna. If you are a Cigna subscriber and your policy includes behavioral health services, you may opt to have McGinnis Behavioral file for you.

Possibly the biggest downside to going through your insurance is losing confidentiality (e.g., a diagnosis will be on file). Also, please note that insurers are also trying to keep their overall costs down and so some service options available through McGinnis Behavioral may not be covered such as home and school visits, educational testing, and email support.

Using Insurance 


If you have a commercial insurance policy other than through Cigna, you may choose to file on your own for out-of-network reimbursement if you have such benefits. You will need to share some information with your insurer which will include that found on your invoice as well as on our Current Clients page.

Again, the downside to doing so includes losing confidentiality, and the amount you may recoup may not ultimately make up for that loss of confidentiality.


Appointments may be scheduled weekly or every two, three, or even four weeks, depending upon certain factors. Meeting every two weeks instead of every week, for example, trims the monthly budget by 50% without sacrificing much in many cases. The key here is to settle on a schedule that balances financial considerations with maintaining sufficient therapeutic momentum. Dr. McGinnis values such discussion as it can lead to improved outcomes.

You may also save money by scheduling your appointments during low-demand times. McGinnis Behavioral offers an almost 20% discount for such times which generally coincide with school hours.

Using Telehealth

McGinnis Behavioral serves families throughout Florida via telehealth, essentially a more technologically secure FaceTime or Skype experience using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

This way of meeting is not limited to only those miles away. A number of families living in the local area choose to meet at least occasionally via telehealth so they need not take off from work and incur travel expenses, for example. Thus, telehealth represents a means of reducing overall cost and may be an option for your family.

Avoiding Fees

It is smart and responsible business practice for an appointment-based business to anticipate what would happen if someone reserves a time slot but doesn't show up for it, and to implement a policy to ensure the business does not suffer financially from it. To not do so would be irresponsible on the part of the business owner and might lead to the business failing. We therefore charge for no-shows and late cancellations (appointments not cancelled within 24 hours) to ensure that McGinnis Behavioral will always be here for you and others.

We urge our client families in the strongest possible terms to avoid being charged such fees. And to assist you, we have invested in software and services to make it easy for you to schedule, reschedule, cancel, and remember your appointments through the Client Portal found on our Current Clients page. We also urge that you make appointments only for time slots for which you know you are available.

Being Candid

Much thought has gone into the New Client on-boarding process which in part is devised to collect as much information as possible up front so that we can hit the ground running. The more you share, the more likely we are to be successful and the more efficient the process will be. Holding information back only handicaps and prolongs the process which adds cost. And once we begin our work, please share anything you feel is pertinent. 

Following Through

Perhaps the biggest sources of waste are seen when families fail to show up, when they fail to show up with an eagerness to learn, and when they fail to actually follow though with what is recommended despite support.

McGinnis Behavioral is a highly directive practice providing expert direction to families seeking it. To benefit, families must attend and be willing to allow Dr. McGinnis to choreograph family life at least a little differently. And support between sessions is available to keep you on track and moving forward.