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guiding principles


To further assist you in deciding whether McGinnis Behavioral is right for your family or for your professional training needs, here are our Guiding Principles:



The Golden Rule is fundamental in everything we do, and we expect it from our clients in return.  Everyone should do their very best to preserve the dignity of everyone else and to act in ways expected if the shoe were on the other foot.



Fully acknowledging that suffering exists, "mental illness/health" is and has always been only a metaphor (not actual, verifiable physical or neurological diseases) and therefore diagnosis is only an exercise in adding a label to what is already known about a person. Thus, McGinnis Behavioral treats the whole child within the context of the whole family, not the diagnosis if one is even made. And unless medical tests have objectively verified something is wrong with the brain, the assumption of brain organicity will rarely be made here.


 While we hold complete confidence in this position, we also realize this is a countercultural set of ideas. For more information, we are happy to refer you to a recent special issue of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies' the Behavior Therapist edited and authored by likeminded researchers and practitioners. Please click the link below.



Parents are working way too hard these days. Everything we share with families must be science-based and known to be effective, efficient, and durable. McGinnis Behavioral endeavors to offer among the highest-quality services available anywhere so we can help families attain the life they long for with the least amount of time, effort, and expense.



Parents are their children’s best therapists and advocates. It is our job to give parents what they need to bring out the best in their own children. When we work directly with children, parents must always be fully involved in the therapy process and should never be kept in the dark about what is being discussed with them. Here, parents are respected as the captain of the ship and given the support needed to reach port via the shortest yet safest course.



A long-term focus is best even at the expense of short-term comfort. Constantly just managing getting through the day may just be postponing the work and discomfort necessary for long-term improvement. 



Children should be coached to be flexible and adapt to the world in which they find themselves rather than to always expect the world to adapt to them. They should also be coached in self-advocacy and leadership skills for those times they find themselves in a world that really might need some change.



Our lives are interconnected and therefore all services are geared toward improving overall family dynamics and collaboration among community members as indicated.



McGinnis Behavioral is geared for families and not for insurance companies. All aspects of behavioral services should be only between the family and their chosen doctor and should not be micromanaged or curtailed in any way by third-party payers such as insurance companies and governments. We therefore support and encourage direct retail services for our customers. This provides the most options, the most efficiency, and the least risk to confidentiality.